July Jobfile

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July Jobfile from the June 2001 Newsletter Turn your compost so it’s ready for spring plantings. Keep picking snowpeas, garden peas and the last of the beans to keep them coming. Choose a still day one week to spray azaleas … Continued

June Jobfile

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June Jobfile from the May 2001 Newsletter Revel in the cooler weather. Keep flower and vegetable seedlings weeded and fed with a weekly application of soluble fertiliser. Make sure your azaleas are well mulched with enriched compost. Pick the first … Continued

May Jobfile

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May Jobfile from the April 2001 Newsletter   If the rain has been good, plant seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, kohl rabi, lettuce, radish and silverbeet. Many types of herbs can be divided up and propagated now. Finish autumn pruning of … Continued