February Jobfile

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February Jobfile from the January 2002 Newsletter

  • Best days to mow grass in February’s lunar cycle are 12th, 21st and 28th
  • Best day to sow leafy annuals is 14th – try broccoli, lettuce, silverbeet and sorel.
  • Best day to foliar feed is 20th, using worm juice, liquid kelp or liquid blood and bone.
  • Best day to sow fruiting annuals is the 23rd – try squash, sweetcorn and zucchini.
  • Watch those weeds, they love warm moist weather and are starting to grow rapidly and set seed fast now.
  • Head back rampant growth on pumpkin vines to have fewer but more delicious pumpkins.
  • Prune straggly geraniums, salvias and other perennial shrubs for more flowers before winter.
  • Re-sow bare patches of lawn, but not on the lunar mowing days.
  • Consider rethinking really bad lawns and planting them up with more suitable species instead.
  • Sing to your sweetcorn to induce the best crop.
  • Plant lots of comfrey around your fruit trees.
  • Make a herb spiral.
  • Clear out gutters and drains in preparation for big rains over the next few weeks.
  • Treat yourself to a beautiful, grafted, summer flowering eucalypt in a shade of red, cerise, orange, peach and pink.
  • Prepare soil for planting sweet peas on March 17th using well-rotted animal manure, some lime or dolomite and some superphosphate. Water well in and cover with a thick mulch until planting time.
  • Think about spring bulbs and annuals, including planning for some pots of colour for around the house.
  • Harvest chillis and dry them on a string for winter.
  • Gather ripe Camellia sasanqua seeds and sow them in a mix of coarse river sand and peat.
  • Collect lots of various seeds for our seed bank.
  • Start building up a really excellent compost heap or practice ‘chop and drop’ principles where appropriate.