July Jobfile

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July Jobfile from the June 2001 Newsletter

  • Turn your compost so it’s ready for spring plantings.
  • Keep picking snowpeas, garden peas and the last of the beans to keep them coming.
  • Choose a still day one week to spray azaleas with Confidor. The next week give them a boost with a pinch of sulphate of potash.
  • Prune roses and deciduous fruit trees.
  • Top dress asparagus beds with rotted animal manure, compost and a complete fertilizer.
  • Cut back woody herbs such as lavender, oregano, marjoram and thyme.
  • Mulch rhubarb with chook poo, blood and bone and compost.
  • Pot up rooted stems of crucifix orchid for the November swap table, remembering to label each with its colour.
  • Cut back cornflowers which are on the brink of flowering to promote bushiness and induce many more blooms.
  • Feeling too mean to buy annual flower seedlings? Why not compromise and invest in
  • punnets of dianthus, salvia and verbena which behave as perennials in our climate.