November Jobfile

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November Jobfile from the October 2001 Newsletter


  • It’s not too late to plant dahlias that have not begun to shoot profusely. They need compost, manure, mulch and moisture.
  • Prune roses after their spring flush and check for white scale and aphids.
  • Deadhead hybrid teas to prolong flowering. Watch for dieback: affected branches must be pruned back to halt the decay. Remove any suckers arising from the rootstock.
  • Deadhead pelargoniums to encourage fresh new flowers.
  • Make some decorative hanging baskets and containers for Christmas.
  • If you’re growing chrysanthemums, shorted new growths when they reach 12cm in length and nip back side shoots to induce better flowers.
  • Tidy up spring bulb foliage as soon as it has turned brown. Mulch the dormant clump with compost to protect it from summer heat.
  • Trim back spring flowering natives once their display dwindles.
  • Stake tail, floppy late spring annuals such as hollyhocks, larkspur and delphiniums.
  • Plant summer salads like cucumbers, cress, radishes, cherry tomatoes and spring onions.
  • Don’t let your weeds seed.