Garden machinery checks for Spring

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Rob’s garden machinery tips from the July 2001 Newsletter

Spring is nearly here and will that mower or brushcutter start? Here are some useful money-saving checks before that rush to the mower shop.

  1. Check fuel in fuel container for stale fuel and water condensation by pouring some into a clear glass. It should be clear and not milky. It is best to drain out leftover fuel and leave open container in a sunny spot for a few hours to dry out then fill with fresh fuel at the start of the season.
  2. Check blades for wear and sharpness.
  3. Check ride-on critter and drive belts.
  4. Check ride-on battery acid level – charge battery.
  5. Check engine oil level if it is a 4-stroke.
  6. Check air filter.
  7. Check for any loose bolts and fittings.
  8. Replace spark plug.
  9. Check for mud wasp nests in muffler of brushcutters, chainsaws and chippers.


It is best to take your machinery into a repairer during winter for full servicing before the busy spring period commences. Brushcutters and chainsaws are best drained of fuel after use to prevent fuel going stale in the fuel tank.