Jobfile – August 2017

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  • Plant cucurbits in frost-free areas – pumpkins, button squash and zucchini can all go in now, but wait a while for cucumbers and melons.
  • Give the garden a general feed, especially shrubs which are yet to flower e.g. most exotic ornamentals. Blood and bone is great for this.
  • If you’re budgeting, scout around for some animal manure and mix it with grass clippings and composted material for a nutritious mulch around plants.
  • Go mad with herbs, and bung them into every available space.
  • If you haven’t tidied up your ornamental grasses, now is the time to do so. Cut back by at least one third, removing dead seed head stalks and withered leaves at the base
  • Keep an eye on weeds in lawns – commencing a regular mowing regime is one way of preventing them from forming flowers and seeds.